How to introduce sex toys to your relationship

Sex toys can help spice up your sex life and bring new excitement to your relationship. But introducing them into your relationship may feel awkward at first. Are you ready for a new level of intimacy with your partner? Are you comfortable revealing new secrets about what excites you and bringing these things into the bedroom? t is important that everyone feels comfortable and safe when bringing sex toys into your relationship. The right environment, communication, trust, and safety are crucial in any relationship, even one that involves sex toys. If you feel ready to introduce sex toys into your intimate life together, there are many ways to do so safely and responsibly. In this article, we’ll teach you how to introduce them in a way that brings trust and excitement to an even deeper level of intimacy…

Communicate and be transparent

The first thing you should do when introducing sex toys is to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. If you’ve been eyeing a vibrator or a lube pump, you should feel free to bring these things up with your partner. If you don’t bring it up, your partner may feel strange or weird about using the sex toys that you have and wonder why you have them or why you want to use them. By talking about sex toys, you’re opening the door for a new level of intimacy and trust in your relationship with your partner. You’re revealing a bit more about what you like and what you find exciting. And you’re showing them that you trust them with this information.

Set boundaries

Communication also involves setting boundaries. If you or your partner isn’t interested in using sex toys in the relationship, it’s important that both of you are clear about this and validates each other. You can even agree on no-toy dates, where you use only your hands or mouths on each other, to help build up a level of intimacy and trust without toys. If you do want to try out sex toys, be open and honest about the type of toy you want to use, why you want to use it, and what the toy will be used for. If you want to use a dildo, for example, you can let your partner know that you want to use it for penetration. This will help your partner understand why you want to use it and what you want it to achieve.

Try a vibrator together

If you’re both intrigued by the idea of sex toys, try introducing one together. Start with a simple vibrator, like the We-Vibe Touch, that only stimulates one area of the body and won’t be too overwhelming. Try the vibrator on yourself first to get a feel for what it feels like, how powerful it is, and how it will make you feel. Get a sense of the sensation, the noise level, and what the rhythm is like. Then let your partner try it out on you to see how it feels on their body. While using the vibrator on each other, you can also talk about how you feel, what you like, and what you don’t like about the toy. You can also try out different ways to use the vibrator on one another and find the best positions for using it.

Touch is the most important sense for establishing intimacy

In order for sex toys to be truly meaningful and exciting, you have to build a foundation of trust and intimacy first. Sex toys aren’t inherently bad or wrong, but without trust and intimacy, they can be used in harmful or hurtful ways. Sex toys are meant to be a way to enhance and bring more pleasure to your relationship, not replace it or take its place. Be sure to spend lots of time on your relationship and building up trust before introducing toys into your relationship. Use your hands, mouths, and bodies to explore your partner and build up trust, excitement, and intimacy before introducing sex toys.

Safety first: silicone, waterproof and non-wireless toys

Before you introduce sex toys into your relationship, you should research the toys you want to use. You should check the materials and look for toys that are made from high-quality silicone, are waterproof, and don’t have a wire or a battery. Silicone is safe and non-porous, meaning it doesn’t have pores or holes that bacteria or germs can get trapped inside of. This helps ensure that any sex toys you’re using are clean, sanitary, and safe to use.

Try some solo experimentation with vibrators or butt plugs

Before you introduce sex toys into your relationship, you may want to try them out on your own first. You can do this either with a vibrator or with a plug. Vibrators and plugs are great because they can be used on yourself, are easy to clean, and are safe to use. They are also a good way to experiment with your own body and what you like and don’t like. When you’re trying out solo sex toys, it’s important that you’re safe and comfortable. Make sure you’re in a safe and private place, like your bedroom. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, and make sure to use lube if you need it.

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