10-Mode Nipple Clip Vibrating Breast Clamps Electric Nipple Stimulator With Remote Control


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Technologically innovative nipple clamps The difference is that this nipple toy has been upgraded with an upgraded motor and better materials than similar products, it not only carries the old vibration pattern, but also has an upgraded motor configuration to make your sensations even more exquisite.

Kstasn Vibration Modes Nipple Toys What makes this nipple toy stand out is its excellent motor, which makes it feel good to many buyers and you can clearly feel the vibrations and tingling sensation.This vibrating nipple clamps has xxx vibration patterns suitable for most people, each of which we have carefully designed. But that’s definitely not the only thing that makes it stand out

Safe and Soft Material We have always attached great importance to the materials used in our products and the team of designers have brought this concept to this vibrator, which is made of a safe and soft material, which first of all guarantees that the product is 100% safe for the skin and will not easily cause skin irritation, but also allows you to enjoy your private time with peace of mind!

Remote control Erotic toys have always needed more erotic elements poured into them, and we’ve taken this remote control as a great idea and brought it to this nipple vibrator to not only increase the comfort of operation, make it easier to use, and add a lot of play and fun, this nipple clamp awaits your innovation!

How to use Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on/off the vibrator. Press the button to switch 10 different vibration modes.


28.74 Inch

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10-Mode Nipple Clip Vibrating Breast Clamps Electric Nipple Stimulator With Remote Control
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